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Even after a devastating Cat.5 tornado the "Blood Angels" are ready for war!

6/11 From an unsolicited customer letter:

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent product. I am a resident of Joplin, Mo. and as you may know we had an EF5 tornado tear through our town a couple of weeks ago. I am an avid gamer and I had a rather large 40k collection. I had 3 armies Orks, Space Wolves, and my new Blood Angels. I have just recently started using your foam trays to store my figures and I only had enough to put my new Blood Angels in. My entire collection was decimated. Except for the ones in your cases. When I opened the cases they were a bit damp but not a single figure was damaged. I am completely amazed the room that they were in was ripped off the house and your cases not only survived but thrived at their job. So thanks again for your outstanding product. I plan on recommending them to all my gaming friends and will use them for every figure I paint from now on (that is if I ever get to rebuild my collection).
Thanks Again!

8/16 From an unsolicited customer letter:

I was recently involved in a motor vehicle accident. I had my 2500 point Fully Painted Space Wolf army in the car with me in your Platoon Carrier not secure in the front passenger seat with me. My car rolled over twice on the interstate. I would like to say thanks to your product I didn't lose a SINGLE Miniature! Nothing broke! I even remember the case smacking me in the head once... this stuff is awesome!

p.s. I didn't get hurt at all! Thanks!

It is always a pleasure to receive positive feedback from customers, in the midst of a tragedy like this we extend our thoughts and wish for the best in a safe and quick recovery!