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Greetings from Sabol Designs! Today I am Matty Hall! (I realize this "pun" might go over a few heads)! Let's make a deal! This past summer I had offered up four unique and handmade and painted by myself; Incredible full sets of "Sci-Fi" gaming terrain. These sets include the high quality 4'x8' gaming mat and a huge selection of unique terrain. All pieces are very finely detailed and painted to match the mat and give a full environment of limitless gaming options. $1,1000 each extensive photo gallery
I am willing to offer the three remaining sets for a "SIGNIFICANT price reduction" for the best offer/s that are returned by you! Simply respond by picking your favorite set/s with your best offer that you are prepared to pay! ***Please consider a 15# 22" square box from Georgia, shipping (approx: $75.00+ continental USA) . I am accepting your realistic offers. I am trying to gauge the "market" as I am wishing to start more terrain projects for sale and increase the custom terrain aspect of my website. As always ARMYTRANSPORT cases and trays are here for your storage and transportation needs.
Please send any "Offers", constructive criticism, ideas and feedback! to:
Thanx, Matt Sabol