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Figure Foam

How to determine what tray is best for your miniatures.

I have found that the best way to determine tray and miniature storage is to begin with the unit/miniatures in question.

  • I suggest making the decision of what is the best way to store the unit: laying flat or standing. 
  • With your tape measure, determine the height of the tallest miniature in the chosen unit. (laying flat or standing).
  • If the minis in question are large or cumbersome in shape and/or design I may suggest a double wide tray.
  • If the unit/s in question includes a variety of odd shapes ie: (Banner, large spikes, upright arms etc.). and/or many "standardized " minis I suggest the 2" Hybrid tray.
  • Now that you have a measurement for the "height", order the tray of that size.

 "Standard" FIGURE FOAM TRAYS measure 7.5 inches X 13 inches.


"Double-Wide"  FIGURE FOAM TRAYS measure 13 inches X 15 inches.

We offer Nine "Pick & Pluck" style trays and two "precut" to choose from.  The "Pick & Pluck" trays are soft foam glued to a "rubber foam" base. The trays have perforated cubes that allow you to shape and customize the cavity to store your miniatures.  

Please remember that the thickness (declared in the description) of the tray does not include the 1/4" base that is part of the tray.

There are seven "Standard" and four "Double Wide" trays to choose from, each capable of holding a huge variety of miniatures!

Our FIGURE FOAM trays are the perfect solution for storing your miniatures safely!

When you decide to travel, just place them in any of your Sabol Designs figure cases.

When at home, you can store your trays on a shelf or in your figure case.


For additional help, here is a great utility for planning tray configurations

 that someone created for our foam. Here is the link to :




The DOUBLE-WIDE TRAYs (2.5" dw, 3"dw, 4"dw) and HYBRID trays will only fit into THE MOTOR POOL, DIVISION & ARMORED COMPANY cases !

 See the FAQ page for some additional examples of how to use the trays!