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The Division case IS NOW available!



This case has the capacity of two stacks of our figure foam trays in near limitless combinations.

(Double wide trays are also a great addition to this versatile case.)

The Division case has an interior depth of: 15.5 inches.

The outside "case" dimensions are as follows: 14"x17"x16" tall

With twice extended Telescpoing pull handle 38.5" tall


  • The interior holds 2x stacks of 15" of foam! Either our standard size trays and/or double-wide trays fit into this case.
  • 2x Large Book pockets perfect for rules books or any sorted paperwork.
  • Large interior zippered  mesh accessory pocket.
  • Large "velcro" accessory pocket. Great for tamplates of most sizes.
  • Two"velcro" accessory pockets with zippered pockets behind them.
  • Adjustable, padded shoulder strap.
  • Twin "velcro" style handle straps.
  • Large mesh rear pocket.
  • Two mesh drink holder pockets.
  • 15.5" of interior depth to accomdate two stacks of trays.
  • Very stable frame and trolley system. Bolted to the case including thick durable wheels, a two step telescoping handle and very stable toes and frame to ensure a very rigid and durable platform for laoding your trays.

The capacity of this case is amazing! For the serious gamers only...