ARMYTRANSPORT cases NOW MADE IN THE USA!  and NOW available!  The ARMYTRANSPORT, Mark III "backpack" case, the Motor Pool and Platoon cases are now available!

 Greetings from Sabol Designs.  We are offering a Winter Holiday sale of 25% off your total order, good through December 1st. Along with the arrival of the  All NEW ARMYTRANSPORT Mark III case!  This new design shares all of the same features as the world's most popular miniature case the ARMYTRANSPORT with the added feature of back pack straps.   At this time the ARMYTRANSPORT Mark II and the ARMYTRANSPORT Battalion and Armored Company cases are in semi-permanent retirement due to low demand.  We also would like for you to know that we can with much pride state that ALL Sabol Designs products are now MADE IN THE USA.  
* use the 25% off coupon code ( gobble ) @ checkout.

Thanks, Sabol Designs 


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